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 Electronic Nautical Chart & Software

 Service name :    Electronic Navigational Charts  
 Details :    1) Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) - Fully official Electronic Chart Service with the best
  coverage world-wide 2) Admiralty ECDIS Service - Worldwide solution to navigating with electronic
  charts. It combines Electronic Navigational Charts (AVSs) and the ADMIRALTY Raster Chart Service
  (ARCS) in a single service 3) Admiralty Raster Chart Service - UKHO’s paper chart portfolio
  presented in a digital format

 Service name :    Digital Publications  
 Details :    ADMIRALTY DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS (ADP) which includes 1) Admiralty Total Tide (ATT) 2) Admiralty
  Digital List of Radio Signals (ADLL) 3) Admiralty Digital List of Radio Signals 134&5
  (ADRS1345) 4) Admiralty Digital List of Radio Signals 2 (ADRS2) 5) Admiralty Digitl List of Radio
  Signals 6 (ADRS6) ADMIRALTY e-NPs IMO BOOKSHELF - All IMO publications in CD, downloadable or
  e-book format WITHERBY e-BOOKS

 Details :    The ADMIRALTY Information Overlay helps bridge crews identify areas of possible uncertainty and risk
  at the crucial passage planning stage. Displayed as a digital data set over charts, the overlay
  contains all Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) and additional preliminary
  information that is specific to ENCs, such as reported navigational hazards that have been
  incorporated into paper charts

 Service name :    ADMIRALTY e-NAVIGATOR  
 Details :    The e-Navigator Fleet Manager is a web-based application that allows users subscribed to the AVCS
  and ARCS services to download update data tailored to their holdings. With ADMIRALTY e-Navigator,
  managing paper and digital charts and publications is incredibly straightforward – which helps make
  life at sea safer and easier. The e-Navigator service is free to use and provides users with the
  tools required to effectively manage and maintain their digital licences and holdings.
 Nautical & Technical Publications

 Service name :    Nautical & Technical Publications  
 Details :    1) British Admiralty Publications 2) Brown's, IMO, ITU, OCIMF, ICS, HMSO, Witherby/Seamanship
  International 3) MPA Singapore 4) Japan Hydrographic 5) Australian Hydrographic 6) Maritime
  Books & Guide to Port Entry 7) Marine Engineering & Navigation 8) Log Books, Oil Record Books 9)
  U.S. Publications: CFRs, Light Lists, Coast Pilots 10) Weather Guides
 Nautical Charts

 Service name :    Nautical Charts  
 Details :    1) British Admiralty Charts 2) NIMA/FAA charts 3) Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore 4) New
  Zealand Hydrographic 5) Australian Hydrographic 6) U.S. National Ocean Service, NOAA 7) Ocean
  Grafix Print on Demand 8) Japan Hydrographic Association

 Service name :    JP charts  
 Details :    Japan Hydrographic Association charts & Publications  

 Service name :    US Charts  
 Details :    FAA/NACO- US Charts  
 Navigation Instruments & Flags

 Service name :    Navigation Instruments & Flags  
 Details :    1) Barometers 2) Chronometers 3) Inclinometers 4) Marine Binoculars 5) Sextants 6) Ships Clocks
   7) Plotting Instruments 8) International & Courtesy Flags of all countries 9) Signal & Code
  Flags 10) Company & House Flags
 Safety Signs (IMO) & Posters

 Service name :    Safety Signs (IMO) & Posters  
 Details :    1) Safety Signs (Photoluminescent) IMO Symbols 2) IMO Approved Placards & Labels  
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